Who We Are

Helio Next is a private holding company that is focused on acquiring & operating scalable businesses. While we are mostly industry agnostic when considering potential opportunities, our current focus is on industrial organizations with sustainable, long-term operations. We look to leverage our wide range of relevant industry relationships and a growing network of internal resources to strengthen our businesses and enhance value. 

The team at Helio Next has experience with large organizations but most commonly works in the small business world, so we understand the unique challenges of transitioning and running a successful business. If you’re picturing an executive team in suits & ties then we will likely disappoint. We are operations focused and not afraid to get our hands dirty on the shop floor when needed. 

If you are considering the sale of your business or are interested in joining our team, contact us today! 

Our Home:


We believe that a strong community is one of the foundational elements for a successful business. For that reason, Helio Next is headquartered in the heart of the United States – Salina, Kansas.

Helio Next operates out of a historic building near the vibrant downtown district and we are proud to be a part of the Salina community. Salina provides a comfortable lifestyle, a strong entrepreneurial spirit, & a growing industrial community which allows for many valuable relationships & partners.  Being located at the crossroads of I-70 & I-135, Salina also offers us competitive shipping/freight options so that we can serve our customers around the world timely & affordably.

As with most things, the people are what make something truly great, and we have no shortage of great people in Salina.

What We Are Looking For:

We strive to be good stewards of the companies we acquire and are looking for enduring businesses, primarily in the Central States or Greater Midwest, that can fit in well with our group and align with our values of integrity, humility, transparency, respect, and expertise.

A few of the basic foundations that we seek to identify for new acquisitions are: sustainable operations (10+ years in business), a strong growth opportunity within the market of operation, a decentralized customer base, consistent profits with healthy margins, and a strong existing management team or ability to be relocated/consolidated.

In general, we are looking for businesses with revenues in excess of $2M and EBITDA in excess of $500k, but we regularly consider deals that don’t fit this criteria, especially if it can be relocated or consolidated with any of our other existing operations.

“We had never had any dealings with HNH prior to selling our business and have found them to be most forthright and most professional but also a most down to earth group to correspond with and work with.”

- Former Owner of HNH Acquired Company

“As in every business acquisition, the seller and buyer have different objectives that often clash, causing delays and ill will. When competing objectives arose, HNH was willing to work out mutually beneficial resolutions in a timely and balanced fashion. They were also intently considerate of the employees that transferred with the business and made sure that HNH was fair and open with them.”

- Business Broker of HNH Acquired Company

“Throughout my dealings with HNH, they have proven to be a fiscally responsible business owner of sound character. They have never missed on any obligation as part of our agreements. Due to my experiences with HNH, I feel confident issuing this statement as a validation of their integrity & professionalism.” 

- Former Owner of HNH Acquired Company